If you want to get the best out of your car then there are some easy modifications that you can make to increase the power that you get from it. Here we explore 7 simple things you can do today to maximise the performance of your car.

1 - Reduce the weight Reducing the weight of your car will increase its ability to accelerate faster. If the car weighs less then there will be less for the engine to move, allowing the same power to have a greater effect in accelerating the vehicle. Removing unnecessary clutter from your car and stripping back any unnecessary fittings will help to maximise performance. Keeping your fuel tank at a lower level will also help to keep the weight down and increase acceleration.

2 - Upgrade your exhaust Upgrading your exhaust to a more free-flowing system will help your engine to improve both intake and output. By upgrading your exhaust you can easily increase the top speed of your vehicle and increase power as it accelerates.

3 - Upgrade the air filter Upgrading the air filter on your car is an easy process, but once again it will ensure that your car is performing to the maximum potential. If air intake is restricted then the car cannot perform to its full capabilities. This simple replacement can be easily carried out and will maximise performance.

4 - Use the best oil Having clean and high-quality oil running through the engine will help everything to move smoothly and can maximise the power that you can get out of it. You should invest in good quality oil and should also change it out regularly. This will help to both add power and preserve your car for longer.

5 - Install a strut power brace Installing a brace in the top of your engine space can help to improve handling performance by giving the chassis greater rigidity. When pushing a car to the limits the flex in the chassis will lead to a loss of power and control, but with a brace installed you can preserve more of the power and enjoy greater traction too.

6 - Invest in tyres Investing in good tyres and keeping them properly inflated will ensure that you grip tightly to the road. This will increase handling performance and aid with acceleration and braking too. The tyres are your only point of contact with the road and they should be of the highest quality if you can hope to get the best performance out of your vehicle.

7 - Upgrade your rims Alloy rims look fantastic but they can also upgrade your vehicle's performance too. A lightweight set of rims will improve handling and braking as well as look stellar as you cruise down the street.

These 7 simple steps will help you to improve the performance of your vehicle and get the best possible result from your car. Without making huge changes and replacing your engine you can enjoy significant speed, acceleration, handling and braking improvements that will make your ride more fun to drive and capable of more too.

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