Let me guess – if you're reading this, we'll bet you'd like to know how to make your car accelerate faster? How about handling and gripping the road a little better? Or maybe just braking more efficiently? Yeah - we thought that might get your attention.

Just for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight ways to boost your car’s performance, sourced directly from industry experts around Australia.

Lighten the load

For many car experts, reducing the weight of the vehicle is the obvious place to start if you want to immediately increase performance. The components that can be replaced are almost endless, but our top tips include:

- Replacing steel body panels with either fibreglass or carbon
- Removing any interior components that are not required (such as items in your boot, surplus seats or stereo equipment)
- Replace heavy glass windows with a lighter alternative such as Perspex

Invest in good tyres (keep them inflated!)

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you will be amazed how much your acceleration, grip and handling will improve with a good set of tyres under you. High-quality tyres with good tread will improve your acceleration, enhance your handling and increase your braking capacity.

Also, keeping your tyres inflated to the correct level can increase your overall fuel efficiency by up to a staggering 20%!

Embrace the cold

One of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your car’s performance is to upgrade to a cold air intake. Your engine produces power by combining air with fuel. The denser the air, the more power your engine will produce. Cold air is denser than hot air, and so a cold air intake supplies your engine with air that is more efficiently turned into power. This increases your engine’s output and noticeably boosts your acceleration.

Rock some new rims

This one really is a win-win. Not only will new rims make your car look better – but lighter rims will reduce your car’s overall weight, as well as improving your handling and braking capacity.

Add a turbocharger

Anything with ‘turbo’ in the name has to be good right? A turbocharger works by using your exhaust to push clean, compressed air back into your engine. This way more air can fit into the cylinder, which means more fuel can be added. Greater air and fuel intake mean the cylinders can combust with much greater power – resulting in a noticeable boost to the speed of your car.

Upgrade from mechanical To electrical

Mechanical components in your engine draw directly from your engine’s horsepower, which results in an overall drain on your car’s performance. In older cars, components such as fuel pumps and cooling fans can easily be upgraded to newer electrical versions, which will reduce power draw and increases your engine’s overall efficiency. 

Increase your stopping power

It doesn’t all have to be about speed – being able to brake efficiently is just as important.

The good news is that upgrading your brakes is not very hard or expensive. A basic upgrade can include fitting better quality pads and discs, for people who want even better performance, drilled or grooved standard discs can be used.

Let your exhaust do its thing

Most new cars come with restrictive factory exhaust systems, designed to reduce noise and increase fuel economy. Replacing your car’s exhaust system can boost your engine’s overall power by up to 10%, with the biggest difference showing in cars fitted with turbochargers.

If you need any more advice on the performance of your vehicle, get in touch today.

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