Do you have a suspicion that you could get more out of your car? If you're keen to boost its performance, but don't know how to make it happen, here are some tips to get you started — straight from the mouths of successful car owners. 


The job of a lubricant is to decrease friction. The less friction your engine experiences, the more likely it is to last longer. So, the first step is to lubricate. For best results, go with a synthetic one, which will continue to work, regardless of extreme fluctuations in temperature. 

Get new spark plugs

Don't wait until disaster strikes to replace your spark plugs. If you want to boost performance, get onto them today. Old spark plugs often cause misfires, resulting in reduced power, wasted fuel and an increase in exhaust emissions. What's more, in old vehicles, you can expect rough running and sluggish starts. 

Look into performance chips and programmers 

In most vehicles, the computer system is designed to meet particular levels, when it comes to emissions and fuel octane. However, this can significantly limit your vehicle's performance capacity. To overcome such limits, you can use performance software, which allows you to change relevant settings, such as the fuel-to-air ratio. 

Invest in decent tyres and rims 

It's worth spending money on high-quality tires and rims. And, once you've had them installed, make sure air levels are maintained at optimum levels. You'll be amazed at how good tires and state-of-the-art, lightweight rims can improve handling, speed and overall performance. 

Add a supercharger 

Would you like to boost your car's horsepower by 50%, in one, nifty move? Add a supercharger. It enables the engine to take in more air, by increasing air intake above the atmosphere's standard pressure levels. The supercharger spins 50,000 RPM times quicker than the engine, thereby pushing air into the combustion chamber and creating more room for fuel, which leads to bigger combustion.

Change the air filter 

Air filters don't cost much, yet can make a major difference. Most vehicles come with regular, paper filters. These are generally good at keeping out dirt, but they tend to prevent efficient air intake. In contrast, performance air filters are made of other materials, such as cotton, which allow air through more easily. What's more, air filters are simple to install; all you have to do is pop them into the vehicle's airbox. 

Lighten up

Is your vehicle unnecessarily weighed down? One of the easiest, cheapest ways to give your car a lift is reducing its overall weight. Get rid of any clutter and then consider stripping out any seats you don't need. Removing the back seats could mean losing 20 kilograms or more. Another step is to replace, wherever possible, heavy engine components with lightweight ones. 

Upgrade the exhaust system

In the majority of cases, replacing a standard exhaust system with a free-flowing one increases horsepower by five to ten. If you add a supercharger, you can expect even greater benefits. 

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