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About us

Our passion is everything automotive. If you have a need or want, we make it happen. Mediocre is never an option. We take an immense amount of pride in everything we do.

Our pride along with the principle of Kaizen – we continually improve all aspects of everything we do.

We do more than just perform general servicing on your every day vehicle, fleet car, track car or race car. We scrutinize and advise. We educate and you decide.

Following trends is not our thing. We research and develop ideas. We test the ideas. We test other’s ideas. When it works we use it.  We use our modern testing equipment like our 4WD dyno to provide real evidence. This back to back testing under all conditions with repeatable results give real confidence of performance.

We understand everything we do is an engineering compromise. Finding the best compromise is the key to your vehicle’s performance. Quality parts and workmanship combine to give you the best possible experience.

We live and breathe everything Automotive, it is in our blood. We understand the passion to improve and modify. We understand it is not just a car – it is an extension of your passion. We know that is important. This is why we offer everything automotive. We offer all your automotive needs and desires.

AutoWorks... the key to your vehicle's performance